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sábado, 28 de junio de 2008

Bob Marley - Satisfy My Soul (1972)

01 - Bob Marley - Redder Than Red (2:45)
02 - Bob Marley - Guava Jelly (This Train) (5:06)
03 - Bob Marley - Craven Choke Puppy (2:51)
04 - Bob Marley - Acoustic Medley (12:09)
05 - Bob Marley - Dance Do The Reggae (4:35)
06 - Bob Marley - Dub Feeling (3:41)
07 - Bob Marley - Satisfy My Soul Jah Jah (2:37)
08 - Bob Marley - Trouble Dub (3:32)
09 - Bob Marley - Cry To Me (2:35)
10 - Bob Marley - Cry To Me (1:30)
11 - Bob Marley - Gonna Get You (3:11)
12 - Bob Marley - Guava Jelly (2:17)
13 - Bob Marley - I'm Hurting Inside (3:28)
14 - Bob Marley - Samba (2:32)
15 - Bob Marley - Pour Down Your Sunshine (2:19)
16 - Bob Marley - Reggae on Broadway (5:21)
17 - Bob Marley - Screw Face (2:23)
18 - Bob Marley - Stay With Me (3:01)
19 - Bob Marley - Gonna Get You(original) (2:43)

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